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26 x 11'



Kids 7-12 Mystery/Comedy

Co-Developed by

Billie Collins and Billy Mpetha


Produced by
Toastie Animation LTD


Art Direction by

Melissa Malone

Character Design by

David Maingault


Nervy shy kid Liam and cheery goth Prinny must band together to survive the summer at Rathbone’s Antiques: the creepiest shop in Liverpool.

This summer, 11-year-old LIAM’s family are taking his brother REX to an elite football camp in Spain. Allergic to heat (and sport), Liam is sent to stay at his mysterious UNCLE RATHBONE’S antiques shop – a place where everything is cursed, possessed or hungry. Liverpool’s happiest goth PRINNY soon stumbles onto the scene, and together the young misfits must take on whatever absurd or downright dangerous tasks Rathbone throws their way.

Occasionally hindered by RODERICK (an impossibly cynical talking magpie) and helped by ROSE (the eco-queen next door), Liam and Prinny must face their fears, expose whatever nefarious business Rathbone is conducting in his office and learn that – just like the antiques – they’re too precious to be written off.  


Supported by the Young Audiences Content Fund from the BFI and financed by the UK Government.

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