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We are Toastie Animation

A Manchester-based 2D animation studio, we love to deliver great animation across Social Media, Advertising, and TV production.



Social Media

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TV Production


What are you looking for?

Looking to add some sizzle to your marketing strategy?

Toastie Animation brings the art of crafting engaging animated videos to the table.

We whip up exciting, character-filled animations for explainers, startups, and product launches. We're not just creators; we're your partners, working hand in hand to ensure your message hits the bullseye with your target audience.

Hungry for heightened engagement?

Video content is the secret sauce for spicing up your posts. Dive into our world of thrilling short animated clips tailored for your social media.

Craving TV production magic?

Toastie Animation Studio is your go-to for comprehensive production services, specializing in crafting delectable 2D animated Pilots and Short Films for broadcast. We also cook up our own original IP in collaboration with imaginative minds.


We work with clients big and small to bring character to their brands.

Social Media

What we do


TV Production


"I worked with Toastie Animation to create an animated clip for our new business and was absolutely delighted with the result. The approach was very professional and led us through every stage, with great creative input on both visual & audio content. This was a leap into the unknown for us but turned out to be great value, with a really high calibre animation we are extremely proud of."

Keith Robinson / / Owner of Zappify

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